I am so delighted to be formally launching Law2Business. This follows three successful years working with wonderful, loyal clients on a range of projects.

HR investigations are often complex and difficult to get right, as well as being a distraction from “the day job”. As L2B’s reputation has grown, so has the demand for our services, in this increasingly difficult area.

Above all, I have come to recognise how time consuming and stressful workplace relationship issues can become, for all concerned. Not least for those whose task it is to understand what has driven behaviours and decide the best workplace solution for those affected. This may include mediation, facilitated relationship building, people development tools or basic management training. It may also involve dismissal or support to seek employment elsewhere.

Experience has shown that failing to act in these situations will usually make matters worse, resulting in entrenched behaviours, increasing resentment and irretrievable relationship breakdowns. It will invariably have an impact on both individual and team performance.

That is why I have decided to focus on providing support in this area going forward. Clients have welcomed the opportunity to obtain an independent viewpoint, backed up by a deep knowledge of the legal frameworks but at an affordable price. I remain passionate about providing what I consider to be the two key planks to a robust investigation: strategic input from start to finish; and a forensic approach to rooting out the relevant evidence.

Over the coming months, this section will focus on various facets of workplace relationships and why they go wrong. This will include looking at motivations for poor behaviours; why people feel isolated at work; what we mean by Emotional Intelligence; the devastating impact of bullying; the merits (and de-merits) of personality tests; and the importance of leadership.

In the meantime, thank you for your interest in L2B and I look forward to helping you to create thriving, vibrant places to work

Gary Hay